Registered Nursing
Application RequirEments

All candidates interested in attending CCI’s Associate Degree in Nursing Program must go through the application process:

Application Procedure

  • Complete and submit registered nursing program application
  • *Effective 5-18-2020 a $30.00 application fee must be submitted with application.
  • Submit the following documents to CCI 
    • Transcripts: OFFICIAL college transcripts verifying general education courses, vocational nursing courses, or previous degree courses; foreign transcripts must be translated, evaluated and certified.
    • Verification of work experience: signed documentation from your employer(s) and/or supervisor on official letterhead. Documentation must include applicant’s name and contact information, place of work, type of work, and dates employed.
    • LVNs applying for advanced placement must submit a copy of their current license (with no restrictions) and documentation of at least 1 year paid experience as an LVN, on official letterhead, and with supervisor signature.
    • Certificates: cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate, certified nursing assistant (CNA), home health aide (HHA), medical assistant (MA), or military certifications that verify related training.
    • Essay: a 250 to 300 words essay (typed and double spaced) explaining what you are going to do to ensure your success in this rigorous nursing program.
  • Applicants who submit incomplete applications or who are missing any required documents by the due date will be ineligible for enrollment in the current cohort.

Admitted Students

  • If the applicants accept their slot by the announced deadline, they will be directed to obtain background check and an 11-panel drug screen at their cost.

    • Applicant must have a clear criminal background check to participate in clinical rotations and remain in the program. If an applicant is not selected because the background check prevents admittance, that applicant is not eligible to apply again to CCI’s ADN Program.
    • Applicant with a positive drug screen will be removed from consideration.
    • Applicant must make the tester and/or Program Director aware of any prescribed medications as noted by his/her provider so that impairment and safety at clinicals can be determined and/or false positive results can be identified.
  • Once admitted to the program, the student must attend school orientation, mandatory nursing program orientation, and clinical orientation(s). An applicant who fails to attend orientations will forfeit his/her place in the program. The following is also required:

    • A payment of a nonrefundable $80.00 registration fee is due upon enrollment.
    • All students accepted to the ADN program are required to submit necessary annual health assessment documents and required immunizations and titers. (Please inquire for details)

Selection Criteria including but not limited to the following

  • Students will be admitted to the program based on their scholastic eligibility and placement on a nursing assessment test (NLN-PAX). *Exam change effective 1/1/2022.
  • Scholastic eligibility is determined through a multi-criteria approved points system which calculates the student’s probability of successfully completing the ADN program. The points system uses the following criteria:

    • 2.5 GPA or higher
    • Work or volunteer experience
    • Quality of the essay
    • Assessment Test (NLN-PAX)
    • Interview
  • Assessment Test: Selected applicants will be required to take a state approved nursing assessment test (NLN-PAX is the only assessment test accepted at CCI at this time). To be competitive, students must achieve a composite score of 124 or higher with a minimum score of 80% in each category.
  • The highest-scoring students will be scheduled for an interview with the selection committee. The candidate is asked to come to the interview on time, professionally dressed and prepared to discuss his or her: a) plan for success in the program, b) commitment to studying and engaging in educational activities, and his or her c) motivation for success.
  • Final selections are made using BOTH multi-criteria screening for ranking and random selection.
  • If an applicant is not selected, he or she may apply the next year unless he/she has a positive drug screen or felonious background check. A new application and all new documents must be submitted. CCI does not retain applications.

    • If an applicant is not selected because the background check prevents admittance, that applicant is not eligible to apply again to CCI’s ADN Program.
    • If an applicant is not selected because of a positive drug screen, the applicant may reapply in three years and demonstrate that he or she has a clean drug screen and successful rehabilitation process with documentation congruent with the California Board of Registered Nursing’s acceptable documentation of rehabilitation