Associate Degree In Nursing

Career Care Institute’s RN program is a two year program designed to give our student an immersive and hands-on training experience. With 20 years of healthcare educational experience, we have the knowledge, experience, and learning facilities to fast-track you in becoming a professional and highly skilled Nurse.

The course consists of six terms over a two year period. Each term has three to four courses and lasts 16 weeks. Courses are held in a lecture-style classroom, lab and clinical setting. The theory, lab and clinical schedules include mornings, afternoons and evenings, with the clinical schedule also including weekends. 

Successful completion of Career Care Institute’s Associate Degree Nursing Program (Registered Nurse) will earn a student eligibility to be administered the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) licensure exam – a requirement for employment as an RN in California. Our RN program emphasizes hands-on-training in state-of-the-art facilities to provide you with a comprehensive and exciting healthcare education.

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A Registered Nurse (RN) performs a crucial role in the health care industry. Registered nurses are responsible for making critical decisions in medical settings.

They assist physicians in providing treatment to patients in a wide variety of areas, including; monitoring, analyzing, reporting on patient conditions, and tracking patients’ symptoms. An RN analyzes patient information, performs physical exams, renders wound care, and administers medications observing reactions or effects.

They are also responsible for coordinating with an interdisciplinary team, supervising less skilled licensed or certified nurses. Registered nurses are patient advocates, promoters of health and well being. The RN profession is applied across a spectrum of venues such as schools, hospitals, community health and ambulatory care centers, and medical offices.

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Program Length

Our REGISTERED NURSING program is designed to fast-track you to licensing and employment…complete our program in just 24 months!

Future Start Dates

October 7, 2024

Pass Rates

Overall Pass Rate: 92.31%
Latest Cohort Pass Rate: 95.45%

Starting Salary

Students who have completed our program have gone on to earn an average salary of $76,000/year.


October 7, 2024 ADN Cohort
Important Enrollment Dates for 2024

  • June 30, 2024 – Deadline to submit applications for 2024 cohort.

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Our RN program emphasizes hands-on-training in our STATE-OF-THE-ART facilities, as well as clinical sites, to provide you with a comprehensive and exciting healthcare education.

Our two-year, Registered Nursing program, is designed to prepare our students with the knowledge required to assume the responsibilities of an entry level nurse. Upon completion, graduates receive an Associate Degree in Nursing, and are eligible to take the National Licensure Exam to become a Registered Nurse.

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