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Purpose of The Personal Interview

Our approach for evaluating students is different from most schools and is primarily influenced by the following:

  • We have an excellent reputation with the companies that employ our graduates. We seek students who will become graduates that companies want to hire.
  • We seek students who want to graduate. We believe interest, desire, and motivation make the difference between graduate and drop out.

The personal interview is an important part of the process and provides potential applicants/families with:

  • An overview of career choices in many of today's fastest growing career areas.
  • Interview also provides us with an opportunity to evaluate your interest, motivation, academic background, and family support.

Student Benefits

Career Care Institue's student (and their families) receive a number of special benefits designed to help students reach their career goals. These benefits are presented in our Student Catalog. This catalog is designed to show you how our school helps prepare graduates to enter their chosen career fields.

The Application Process

Our program is not for everyone. However, if at the conclusion of this interview it is determined that you are qualified and interested in the program, we will submit this application and begin the enrollment process.