Student Testimonials

Career Care Institute is proud to say that our graduates are among the most successful and well-equipped professionals in their field.

Find out what they have shared with us about how Career Care Institute has helped them succeed!

Great school helped me find an intern site and I got hired, finished the DA program and I have been working at that intern site for the past two and a half years. Would highly recommend this school to anyone that wants to get their career started.

If you’re thinking about taking the MA course at CCI you should. The staff is very welcoming and kind, I wanted to thank Ms.J and Ms.Perez. They helped me throughout the whole program and if I had any questions they would help me understand.

The best school ever. My education has taken me to a different level of my life with career opportunities. Awesome staff and teachers were willing to go above and beyond for you. Thanks for my future.

Instructors and staff are very helpful. Someone was always available to answer any questions or requests I had in a timely manner.

Great LVN program, it was challenging during COVID but everyone did their part and kept us going. The staff and instructors are amazing and caring. I wish I would have done this program many years ago when I first considered it. Unfortunately, I listened to the “negative” comments. It was the total opposite. I passed the NCLEX on the first try. Don’t look further or listen to negative comments. This is the best option. I would do it all over again at CCI.

Attended this school and was very satisfied with the staff, teachers, and program itself. Every promise was delivered upon, and I graduated feeling confident in my clinical skills.

This has been the most challenging and rewarding ride of my life! Nursing school is not for the faint of heart. I sat here at home reflecting on the past 16 months and it hit me that I have so much to be thankful for. I completed nursing school, but I didn't do it without help. I have some shout outs to give so here we go. Mr. Kevin Cornett has been with me from day one. He's seen my tears, calmed my fears and most of all, he was always there when I needed help. He went to bat for us students like no other. Truer words by him were never spoken when he said that he would never set us up for failure. I appreciate him for the kind soul and brilliant educator that he is. Miss Vanessa Garcia. She absolutely rocks!!!!!

ATI was my personal nightmare in school. Yet this wonderful lady found a way to tap into my mind and motivated me to think. Her help and dedication to us students was a Godsend to many of us including myself. I thank her with all my heart for encouraging me and cheering me on. Lastly Dr. Lisa Garcia. Our first encounter was at a clinical site. I remember her saying that she was here for us students and that she would always advocate for us. Seeing her put those words into action renewed my faith in others...She kept her words and was always fair. Most of all she believed in me even when I didn't and it meant a lot. Ms. Quintanilla and Moval student services please take the time to let these wonderful educators know how much they are valued and appreciated. They are rock stars in my book.

"Had a great experience when coming to the school. The teacher I had for medical assistant was amazing she explained and helped me through everything. The staff is amazing too. They’re all nice and any questions I had they always got back to me very quickly."

"This is an excellent institution. Outstanding management with very knowledgeable instructors and competitive administrators; very accommodating staff and an excellent learning environment. This institution helped me in achieving my goals to become a nurse. I am so proud and grateful for what I am now. Thank you CCI! You made my dreams came true!"

"I had a pretty smooth sailing experience with CCI. I even had to take some time off due to unforeseen circumstances & they welcomed me back with open arms and still went the extra mile to make sure I received my certificate."

"I love this school great teachers and staff! I recommend this school to anyone who wants a good education in the medical field!"

"My time at Career Care Institute was an amazing time. The teachers and employees were a great help to me. They helped me out a lot, even with some struggles I went through at the end. I want to thank my instructors for all their wisdom and Sherry and Katlin in job placement for never giving up on me and helping me get the job I have today. I am grateful and thankful for everyone’s help."​

"I never knew that going back to school could be so easy. The staff at CCI made it super easy and made me feel so welcome. My instructor is by far the best. She takes time to really explain things and make sure that we understand what we are learning. I am so glad that I chose to go here instead if another university or college."

"I could not love this school more. My instructor WAS awesome, she is very professional and caring. There is nothing that I appreciate more in a teacher than seeing them have the passion to teach, lead, and prepare young new minds in the medical field. I have had a wonderful experience and I feel that CCI has prepared and equipped me enough that I feel confident in graduating and going out to the field. The staff has been very helpful as well. They have always been open to our needs as students and they go above and beyond to help us as well as to celebrate us. I definitely recommend CCI to any person wanting to begin a career in the medical field."

"I am currently pursuing my RN, and CCI did prepare me very well ethically and academically compared to my peers. I felt very prepared by my various instructors throughout the program. The program was tough, but medical is even tougher, but so worth it. After graduating, I was able to make enough to support myself and start my family, which was my goal when starting the program."

I loved this school. Took the MA program and passed. I feel like they are stricter than regular schools which gave me a better chance of being hired. While I was attending I also had a lot of help from staff. Once a week they would provide free groceries, clothes, and even diapers (sometimes) to help the students who needed it!

"The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. They sometimes see more in you than you see in yourself thereby making school a better experience"

"This school has helped me out and worked with my work schedule. I appreciate all the help and guidance from the staff especially the LPXT instructor ( Mr. Salas). I recommend this school to others who want to get into medical field."

"I joined CCI for the Limited Scope X-ray Tech/Medical Assisting program and could not have been happier! I love that it was a trade school that took just about a year to complete."

"Great teachers, organized school. Financial aid available, started an RN program with the school. I'd recommend to any of my friends to go to LVN school here!"

"I had a really positive experience at CCI. I did the Limited Scope X-Ray Tech program, it set me up to pass the boards with flying colors. Mr A was beyond great and I would recommend this school to anyone!"